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Our history


In 1956 Osvaldo Borgogno, agent of trade since the first World War, founded the Autoricambi Borgogno, in a small office in via Axis in Ventimiglia. Here began the sale of spare parts and car accessories holesale and retail, so that gave off a great entrepreneurial adventure and human. The auto parts store soon became the focus of her passions, the place where you can work always with a smile, always within the "own world". The company was operating in the area of spare parts passenger and commercial vehicles providing specialized workshops. The constant increase in vehicles on the road and the consequent increase of the material on stock led the company to move to larger premises, and in 1970 is transferred in via Giovanni XXIII 5b, until today. The spare parts and car Borgogno has had the good fortune and pleasure to secure the cooperation of the two grandchildren of Esvaldo, who followed the company with competence and professionalism, to become, in 2000, members. In 1990 the company has also entered the Esvaldo daughter, Monica, who currently is the owner, together with his partners and the husband Italo.
In 2000 the private company gives way to a society, to give the right value to the work of the grandchildren and daughter: Esvaldo creates Autoricambi Borgogno snc di Borgogno Monica & C. and, with the help of two valuable collaborators over the counter as Massimiliano and Pino and Daniela accounting, the company now boasts a strong and united team that will carry the flag for a long time dream of Esvaldo. Esvaldo, unfortunately left us in 2012 to 92 years, but until the last was present in his company watching from the balcony of the house, when he could not be physically at his desk, his heart and mind are constantly present and transparencies, for his work. The seriousness and willingness over the years, the constant presence, a renewed sales network consisting of young and competent, a consistent service delivery across the region, have made the Autoricambi Borgogno a reference point for all workshops in Liguria west. In a difficult time for those who, like us, puts the fair trade in the top of the scale of values, our thanks go to all those customers who recognize and appreciate this value. The Autoricambi Borgogno and his team have always thought that the sale of autoricambi not the old and simple trade; It requires professionalism, dedication and expertise especially ... well not improvised craft. Precisely for this Autoricambi Borgogno is still a family business where as it were its members grew up on bread and auto parts, this element provides customers of our store one more certainty: the safety of relying on expert hands. But the experience and the past does not represent everything, not to upset even a person who decides to come to us, all the components dell'Autoricambi Borgogno are formed and updated on the latest news appeared in the automotive industry. In addition, the knowledge that a client who has paid a fair price for a fair product is satisfied that a person will remember us when he needs, makes the Autoricambi Borgogno look very carefully at the quality / price ratio ensuring always to its customers the most competitive prices on the market and at the same time the best quality available. Sixty years of activity and many satisfied customers who return at our shop to try their hand how to combine quality and savings, are there to prove it. This for us is the best way to honor our dear founder, Esvaldo.

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